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John Woodgate

Be careful. HDMI is often regarded as now 'old', but version 2.1 isn't old and is very good. The newer technique is 'Display Port', and many computers have this but not HDMI. You can get converter accessories for converting one to the other.  But some of your members or visitors may have elderly computers that only have VGA. Again, you can get an accessory that converts VGA to HDMI (without sound, of course).

I suppose consumer interest magazines rarely cover projectors now. Screens can be so big that a projector is not necessary. Do a web search for 'best video projector 2022'.

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It all depends

On 2022-10-13 14:51, Carolyn M. - Texas wrote:

Hello, all!
Currently one of our Chapters is looking to buy a new projector. I was wondering if anyone on here can recommend one that the chapter could use. I am hoping to get one that will work with any computer that has a HDMI connection. This would be either for playing media or online videos or for hybrid meetings. With all the changes in computers, I just want to make sure that I can give the chapter forward thinking advice. The Board has already approved the purchase, but they don't know which brand or what to look for as far as specifications. 

Any advice or suggestions?? 
Carolyn McMahon

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