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It depends on your hearing aid brand and model. The manual for the hearing aid app should be able to provide info. It’s usually under Settings. For some hearing aids, only the audiologist can set the aids up so that they keep the mic on when streaming.


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How do I find that setting?



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Cheri is correct. Turn BT off on your phone. Some HAs have a setting which will allow you to make a preset that allows BT streaming plus live mic. That is another possibility. I use both.


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Try turning BT off. I’ve not experienced my hearing aids being turned off while using AVA. However, if I’m in a looped venue, using my telecoil setting, and use AVA, my telecoil will shut off.
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This has plagued me, too. Both Ava and Otter use the iPhone mic, but the hearing aids have their own mic. So I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because the hearing aids use the volume control app there is a connection to the phone. I think I’ll try closing the Phonak app and see whether that works.

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When I use Otter or Ava, it turns my hearing aids off. Does anyone know if there’s a way to change my settings so that doesn’t happen? Or a different speech to text app that won’t do that? I have an iPhone. 


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