Re: My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Rich Osborne

I think it depends upon your skill level. I started out building on godaddy (at one time was free) using their web site builder. I graduated to doing my own with html, later added php. There are free and somewhat easy-to-use options with Microsoft Azure but this would require a smidge of technical ability. Our North Bay chapter uses squarespace (I think we pay a nominal amount), which suits our purposes and meets the requirement of not requiring technical knowhow. I developed a mobile app database for us using Xamarin but so few people have android phones that I have scrapped it; Apple Store policies prevent me from developing an ios version. I am currently developing a web-based database for us using razor, c# and sqlite on Microsoft Azure, which will be free using my technical sophistication. I have also installed and loaded a database using Sales Force for Non Profits. As I think you know, Sales Force offers a free 10-user license to non-profits but their product is a major overkill and highly complex. Both of these systems leave open the issue of replacing me but are a major asset in the meantime.  

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