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David A Bitters Sr

My two cent on this is, most of the cheaper OTC hearing aids does not have t-coil.  Some of those aid works quite well.  Will they have the new tech in them? Don’t know.  But if the current cheaper aids work, it be a large market over t-coil.   

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On Oct 31, 2022, at 4:02 PM, John Woodgate <jmw@...> wrote:

Well, in about an hour's time, I will be taking part in the IEC committee on this subject, although Auracast won't be discussed until tomorrow. I'm not 100% expert, because I can't join the 'inner circle' of Bluetooth since I am not a limited company! There is no doubt that Bluetooth are working as fast as they can to actually release Auracast; the delay must be quite embarrassing.

After Auracast is released, we will see a growth of installations, and a reduction in the installation of hearing loops, because, as you say, the installation costs can be very different. But there are tens of thousands of hearing loops out there, even if there should be ten times more, and millions of hearing aids that don't have Auracast but do have telecoils, even though there should be ten times more. We expect hearing loops to last for at least another ten years, and quite possibly more. There may be a celebration of the decommissioning of the last hearing loop in 2052.

However, I have yet to hear of a building that can't have a hearing loop installed. Hearing loops have been installed in metal elevator cages, and I mean solid metal sheet, not mesh.

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On 2022-10-31 19:29, Carol in Boston wrote:
I am puzzled about AuraCast. I recently bought Phonak Lumity aids. Of course they have telecoils, but I’m wondering how soon AuraCast will be replacing looping. Looping is such a tough sell be installation is expensive, and can’t be installed in many buildings. I understand the latency problem has been eliminated to the extent that it is negligible. It this true, or is it just their PR? I don’t know whether to return these aids and stick with my old ones if me new ones will be outdated within a couple of years. 

Is anyone knowledgeable about this issue?

Carol Agate 

On Oct 31, 2022, at 3:19 PM, Julie Olson HLAA in Wisconsin/Appleton <julieo@...> wrote:

Steve, 2nd paragraph, last sentence.  Did HLAA call for telecoils in their comments to FDA or didn’t they? The wording is confusing. Thanks for clarification of this sentence:  You'll recall HLAA did even call for telecoils in the devices in their comments to the FDA re the proposed rules for OTC hearing aids last summer.”
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Julie Olson
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Ron - You have been very effective in presenting your thoughts re the lack of aggressive advocacy for telecoils on the part of the national office in regard to hearing care providers and hearing aid manufacturers but you've been preaching to the choir.  You say you are not the one to lead an effort on marketing HLAA and possibly of developing a plan to reach out to the hearing care and hearing aid manufacturing industries on the need for telecoils but you could, I believe, very effectively share your thoughts on these matters not with us choristers but with the board of directors.
Email addresses for the board members don't seem to be made public but an open letter to all board members via Barbara Kelley detailing your thinking would certainly do no harm.  She would obviously share it with the board.  Others on this list could do likewise and such letters might result in the board's consideration of a policy that would be more aggressive in the pursuit of recognition of the endorsement and promotion of telecoil technology on the part of those industries.  This would be particularly helpful for the OTC hearing aid manufacturers who have been oblivious to the support of and need for telecoils on the part of educated hearing care consumers.  You'll recall HLAA did even call for telecoils in the devices in their comments to the FDA re the proposed rules for OTC hearing aids last summer.
As for practitioners, in their "statement of strategic intent" in 2012, the HLAA board said the association should encourage providers to follow best practices and that clinicians should offer a wide spectrum of devices and treatments, know how they work, and base care on an assessment of each person’s hearing and lifestyle needs.  I don't recall ever seeing a report to the membership on if, when and how such encouragement was and/or is being provided.  I'm sure such a report would be eagerly read by many of us.
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Thank you Michelle and Linda for your encouraging words. It appears that I have struck a nerve. For the most part, I believe that HLAA has relied on the hearing health professionals to promote HLAA as well as telecoils and hearing loops. But as we have discovered. that effort is mostly useless. Word of mouth often works but for some reason, word of mouth fails mostly because of stigmas, plus when people do finally accept that they need hearing aids, they rely on the "professionals" instead of end users. I am speaking general of course. As I have mentioned in past posts, for whatever reasons, HLAA has not put Hearing Loops and Telecoils as a top priority. I don't know if it has to do with charters or whatever but unless we as a group begin to speak loudly and often to HLAA leadership, not just Barbara Kelly, but the board perhaps. HLAA is a great organization and has a good start but after 4o or more years of existence, the masses still haven't heard of HLAA or Hearing Loops and Telecoils. The masses have heard of AARP, AG Bell perhaps but a new way of doing things needs to happen. I wish I had the talent and skills to lead this effort but that is not my gift. I have been able to point out the real problem, but someone or some group of gifted and talented people need to take the effort forward. So many individuals have worked so hard to do their part, and they continue to believe that what they are doing is the way forward. I am 78 and I don't have another 40 years to take this on even if I had the gifts, talents and skills. But it will take another 40 years if we continue as we have been doing. 

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