Re: OTC Hearing Aids WITH Telecoils

John Woodgate

It is deeply disturbing to learn that an audiologist says that 'OTC hearing aids are not safe'. It is a totally unscientific generalization. It is possible that ANY hearing aid could cause additional hearing loss. This is if it delivers a too loud sound, causing 'ringing in the ears' and that warning sign is ignored.  Dispensed hearing aids should be set so that is cannot occur, but certainly my dispensed hearing aids can be set to 'play too loud for comfort'. Just don't do it! If you hear sound 'in your ear' rather than 'out in the room', the sound is too loud, so turn it down.

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On 2022-11-18 04:23, Barbara Cooledge wrote:

What is the $2,500.00? My husband’s aids were under $1,800.00 at Costco and they had the booth and technician and custom hearing exam. Not over-the-counter and not covered by insurance e except for initial examination. So, I am wondering, do over the counter just amplify? Or do you test yourself and customize your custom over-the-counter devices using your computer?
I’m just curious probably because my husband is losing his hearing. Does not have minor hearing loss.
An audiologist said on her site that over-the-counter are not safe. So is HLAA in the proper position on this? Could be a disaster?

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