Re: Best virtual space for captioning break-out rooms #Captioning #zoom #ZoomCaptions

Sara Oser, President, HLAA North Bay of California

Good news.  We now have ASR captions in our Zoom breakout rooms.  I did this by filling at a support ticket in our HLAA NB account.  Zoom acknowledged receipt of the ticket.  Later they responded.  I found out that ASR is called "live" captioning/transcription by Zoom.  I had to explain that we wanted ASR and not a person in the room or an outside captioner for each room. Zoom finally understood, and I guess they enabled the captions sometime yesterday. Finally, after our 4:00 HOPE meeting yesterday, we went into breakout rooms and tested the ASR situation. The ASR captions were enabled, and yes, they worked.  This morning, in an email timed around 2:00 a.m. Pacific time, Zoom told me they had enabled the captions. Looking back, it took about 2 days for the whole process, from the time I requested the ASR captioning to Zoom enabling them. The person who helped me was Racel

I hope that information is helpful.
Sara Oser
HLAA North Bay President

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