Re: Do not update to the latest version of Zoom if you use ASR captions and the API code #ZoomCaptions


I do not have access to AVA/Zoom integration and thus unable to verify the AVA issue.

Hmmm... Version 5.3.1 is a prompted mandatory update. Thus, the most likely scenario is participants will be on the problem version V5.3.1.  It would be difficult, if not virtually impossible to manage which version participants are on. 

Since the work around the bug to rollback to the old Zoom version on the host, the question is what happens when:

    - Host (initiates API token and runs AVA) on the old version
    - Participants (shows captions) on Ver5.3.1

For this coming Saturday's National/California virtual meeting, Carla should test the case of human (non-AVA) captioning, unless she plans to use 1CapApp (sp?).  

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