Do not update to the latest version of Zoom if you use ASR captions and the API code #ZoomCaptions


I did a quick little test with the host and the participant both on v5.3.1. 

Case 1 was the host manually typing the captions, worked acceptably. 

Case 2 was with the WebCaptioner/VoiceMeeter configuration (direct connect audio input, with NO  loudspeaker/microphone) using the Zoom REST API with a YouTube video to generate speech input. 

Case 2a The "Send captions to Zoom only when two full lines of text are available" setting seems to work adequately. However, there was considerably significant time lags between the display of captioning on the WebCaptioner webpage and their display on the Zoom window for both host and participant, too much to be acceptable,  Was unable to identify whether the lag is attributed to WebCaptioner's communication to the Zoom API, or the lag is in the Zoop API itself. I suspect both were contributors. 

Our human CART provider had reported observing highly visible lags between seeing the text on her laptop's  transcription screen vs. when displayed on the Zoom window. I had observed similar lags between the human captioner's StreamText webpage (over Internet) and the Zoom display. The amount of lag is on the verge of unacceptability.      

Case 2b The "Send captions as soon as possible" test was inconclusive. The amount of lag made it difficult to observe for the reported duplicate text bug. The YouTube video had highly rapid speech. I would have spent more time evaluating this case, but decided it was not worth the time.

I was more interested in assessing the likelihood of the bug impacting (CASE 3)  the human CART provider case (before engaging our CART provider to test that case. The preliminary indications point toward the reported bug is not expected to impact this Case 3. Therefore, the next step is to proceed to arranging to test this case. 


Case 2b was with "" setting

On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 3:11 PM George Chin Sr <georgechinsr@...> wrote:
I do not have access to AVA/Zoom integration and thus unable to verify the AVA issue.

Hmmm... Version 5.3.1 is a prompted mandatory update. Thus, the most likely scenario is participants will be on the problem version V5.3.1.  It would be difficult, if not virtually impossible to manage which version participants are on. 

Since the work around the bug to rollback to the old Zoom version on the host, the question is what happens when:

    - Host (initiates API token and runs AVA) on the old version
    - Participants (shows captions) on Ver5.3.1

For this coming Saturday's National/California virtual meeting, Carla should test the case of human (non-AVA) captioning, unless she plans to use 1CapApp (sp?).  

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