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Hi all,
Live Transcribe is now available for the iPhone.  I think it’s been out for two months or so.  Unfortunately, it has a $5/mo. subscription fee.  But I’ve been very unhappy with the other that I’ve tried, so I went ahead and got this even though I don’t use that often.  It’s better in my experience than others, but still not perfect.  It can be close though, depending on the quality os speech.
Steve Wonnell
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On Oct 9, 2020, at 11:12, D Brooks <Dbrooks.hlaa.roc@...> wrote:

Hello Marilyn,

It sounds like your hearing aids are paired to the iPhone and when you activate an app it is listening through it.  I have resound too and what I do is swipe down the the quick screen where you can turn off Bluetooth, airplane mode, flashlight and other quick features.  There you can tell you hearing aids to disconnect from your app.  If that does not work turn off Bluetooth and that should work.  I’m just concerned it may cause the app to stop working depending what it needs to operate.  

I personally have not found a good speech to text app for the iPhone that I like to use.  I carry a hand me down old android phone without a cell plan.  There has an app called Live Transcribe.  Using that will not interfere with my resound hearing aids since it is paired to my iPhone.  ;)

I know it is one more thing to carry but it is what we have to do sometimes to hear better unfortunately.  :(


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I have an iPhone and have tried several different speech to text apps. The problem I’m having is whenever I start using the app it turns my hearing aids off (or volume goes way down). Does anyone else have that problem? Any ideas for solution? My hearing aids are ReSound. Thank you!


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