Re: Do not update to the latest version of Zoom if you use ASR captions and the API code #ZoomCaptions


I have copied/paste my email which addresses Ann's topic.If you want to see the comparison for yourself, send me a request and I will forward to you the actual email, so you have access to the zip files below. (I am not techy enough to know how to imbed my email here, so you that you would have access to the zip files--but if anyone knows  please let me know!)

-- Yael: In preparation of our 30 min meeting this week, I have done two separate tests, reading the same paragraph, using the two different Versions of Zoom:
Zoom Version 5.2.1 and Version 5.3.2 
I do notice that in the past we have been working on 5.3.1, so I am not sure what has been added to the .2 version...

Each of the two zip files include:
  • Video of Zoom meeting with Ava Captions reading the excerpt attached
  • Ava Transcript
  • Zoom Transcript
  • other default files
  • couple of screenprints of downgrade or upgrade
I read the following for both tests:
Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 8.19.50 PM.png
Carolyn J. Odio
Resident Council Rep
Hearing Loss Group at

(703) 725-8292 iPhone/Text 
Residence: 1835 Circle LN SE, Apt 425, Lacey, WA 98503



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