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Cheri Perazzoli WA

Here’s what happened to me: I have a Paid Otter and a Paid Zoom.  I also requested to be a beta tester, but never garnered a reply. Lo and behold one day, I noticed the live transcribe button and presto, captions! I believe it’s been almost a month now. I’m setting all my meetings now because I can bring the captions.


Cheri Perazzoli



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Subject: Re: [HLAATech] Zoom has incorporated Captions #ZoomCaptions


I am wondering if this is for those who have paid accounts. I just logged into our chapter account and noticed the availability of captioning generated by I also know our chapter has a paid plan. 
It also displayed the menu that Carolyn describes. I know Carolyn experiments with various ways of getting captions into Zoom and maybe she has an account linked to her Zoom account. My personal Zoom account does not display the Enable Auto Transcription option. The current download listed for Zoom Client for Meetings is 5.4.3.

Zoom is working on captions within Zoom Meeting and some of us were privileged to unannounced information about the progress of this project including that rollout would be done in phases - but not defining phases. 

Carolyn, can you verify?
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

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