Re: Social Media Usage #poll-notice

Peggy Bell, FL

Alan, I totally agree with you. If chapters don't start to include younger working adults and the parents of HOH children, they will fade away and never realize their full potential. I believe that HLAA has the ability to advocate for many more people of all ages.  (Back in the day, as SHHH, I learned a lot that helped us with our son.)

For reference, some of the social media we try to keep updated here in South Florida:

Social Media Usage #poll-notice

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

My experience with HLAA leads me to believe that HLAA membership literally may die off. Most of the chapters that I am familiar with have leadership primarily with retired people. They are all concerned about the age of their membership. There have been discussions on how to reach the working-age people. Social media may be an answer. I'm not the social media maven. By nature, I'm not a social person and force myself to try and do anything socially. My Facebook account has a picture of a pumpkin with an image of my brother's dog (now deceased) and a few posts about HLAA and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). I have a Twitter account that I don't ever remember looking at, let alone tweet or retweet anything. But I am beginning to realize the importance social media may have as part of the future of HLAA and its chapters and towards that end am willing to dedicate time to learning about it.

How do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)?

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

HLAA Hearing Loss Support, Communicating with a Police Officer Sat Sep 12 9:30 AM PT


Saturday September 12, 2020

Join us on Zoom for our virtual East Bay Chapter monthly meeting

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Communicating with a Police Officer

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Officer Tsujimoto will discuss how officers are trained to communicate with deaf/HOH and how a person can be safe during a police contact.  He will review what tools can be used to assist in communication with law enforcement which may include handheld deaf/HOH cards, prewritten letters, or a prewritten text message on a cell phone. 
Speaker’s Biography – Officer Darin Tsujimoto, Alameda PD

Our speaker will be Sgt. Darin Tsujimoto, from the City of Alameda Police Department. Sgt. Tsujimoto, who had multiple experiences with deaf and hard of hearing people as a paramedic in Southern California and San Francisco, joined the Alameda Police Department in 2011. He has had a diverse career while at the APD. He will speak about the training 
officers receive in communicating with deaf/HOH people as well as means that you can use to communicate with an officer if you are stopped.

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Contact Info:
Hearing Loss Association of America, East Bay Chapter
PO Box 12484
Oakland, CA 94604

Re: My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Rich Osborne

I think it depends upon your skill level. I started out building on godaddy (at one time was free) using their web site builder. I graduated to doing my own with html, later added php. There are free and somewhat easy-to-use options with Microsoft Azure but this would require a smidge of technical ability. Our North Bay chapter uses squarespace (I think we pay a nominal amount), which suits our purposes and meets the requirement of not requiring technical knowhow. I developed a mobile app database for us using Xamarin but so few people have android phones that I have scrapped it; Apple Store policies prevent me from developing an ios version. I am currently developing a web-based database for us using razor, c# and sqlite on Microsoft Azure, which will be free using my technical sophistication. I have also installed and loaded a database using Sales Force for Non Profits. As I think you know, Sales Force offers a free 10-user license to non-profits but their product is a major overkill and highly complex. Both of these systems leave open the issue of replacing me but are a major asset in the meantime.  

Re: My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Michelle Gross, HLAA Rochester

Thanks for doing this Alan; you are a brave soul indeed! By way of getting to know each other, my name is Michelle Gross from the Rochester NY Chapter. Our Website was my second foray into learing about Websites. I inherited the job knowing "0", a big nothing about Websites when the person who designed our prior Website suddenly left the job. He basically showed me how to sign in, then it was sayonara! That was in 2013. Fortunately, I had something to go on and over the years have grown into the job. Our current Website was redesigned in 2018 but of course is a work in progress.

Continuation of thread from HLAA Leaders "Older WordPress Websites Dropdown Menus Not Functioning" #website #wordpress

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

Those of you who are following this thread from the HLAA Leaders group welcome to the HLAATech group. I am one of the moderators of this group. This is a group discussion platform. It is my hope that collectively we can address many of the issues that are brought forward in this group. My thanks to Grammarly and Techsoup for keeping me looking like a moron.  Techsoup supports nonprofits through access to technology.

I would consider myself a hobbyist when it comes to starting, developing, and maintaining a website. I need to develop my social media skills as they are nonexistent. Although I do not have a hearing loss I live with it daily and it is one of the reasons I volunteer for my local chapter, state association, and now HLAA. 

Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

My chapter is considering a website - where do we start? #website

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

I have started this discussion thread as a continuation from the recent HLAA Leaders group thread on websites. 
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group

Free Canva graphics program for nonprofits

Ann Thomas, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

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