Grammarly for Nonprofits #software #Grammarly

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

In a previous post, I (I know, sometimes this message board seems to be about me) expressed my anxiety about posting messages composed with incorrect spelling and grammar. Think of the time spent on that important document, maybe asking for a grant, and having misspelled or incorrectly use words. How embarrassing. I have a deal for you. 

Grammarly for Nonprofits and NGOs

Once again, I have Ann Thomas to thank for this discovery. It is a group plan, so key members of your chapter can have access to it. The best feature is that it works within many web applications such as I forgot to mention that Grammarly is providing free access to qualifying organizations. It checks for correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and style. 

For a little fun, the Grammarly Tone Detector displays an emoji   that lets you know how Grammarly perceives the content of your message .
Stay safe everyone

Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group