Free through 2021 Grammarly for Nonprofits #free #Grammarly

Alan Katsura, Moderator, CA Diablo Valley Chapter

Grammarly has extended its free offering of Premium-level service to qualified nonprofits through 2021. Please read the eligibility requirements as there are certain requirements that not all HLAA chapters will meet, such as a qualifying email address. If you have followed the practices in Ann Thomas's "Branding and Business Tools for HLAA Leaders" Chapter Development Workshop Recording you shouldn't have any issues qualifying for the offer.

If you have met Grammarly's requirements, you can request a license here

You can compare plan features here.

I use Grammarly because I am a lazy writer and a poor typist. Whether you are composing a professional piece (grant, advocacy, etc.) or posting to social media, Grammarly can help ensure your writing is accurate. 
Alan Katsura
Moderator HLAA Tech Group