Practice Breakout Rooms in Zoom #zoom


All of these instructions are my own "trial and error" so if you find something doesn't work .... or works differently for you, PLEASE let me know...that is the way I learn this stuff


Practice Breakout Rooms

I attach two documents regarding my instructions with Breakout Rooms in Zoom. If you want to experiment with Breakout rooms, one idea is to add all of your devices to your Zoom meeting. I have an iPad and an iPhone so there were "three" of us...barely enough to play around with breakout rooms, but it did teach me the basics.


Better still, I thought I would have a zoom meeting just to play and practice with Breakout Rooms. My idea is to pass the "Host" around the group, at this meeting, and each person would be able to experience both what the participant "sees" and then also what the host "sees" and does--with us guiding the host through the steps. 


Right now I have it scheduled for Sunday afternoon on Jan 31st at 1 PM (Pacific Time)  for the weekend session and again on Monday morning on Feb 1st at 10 AM (Pacific Time) for weekdays. Both sessions would be doing the same thing. It would be good to read the  handout attached before the meeting and reviewing the videos at the bottom. 


So if you interested in playing with breakout rooms, you are welcome to join! Just send me your email and specify which meeting you want to attend. I will send you the zoom link about ½ hr before the meeting begins. 

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