Re: External Veteran Survey

Jim Rau

Here are the "instructions" I said were needed for the survey. 



This survey is designed to help us evaluate what accommodations VA currently  offers for veterans who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also includes virtual appointments on the VVC (Veterans Video Connect) platform. We are not addressing mobility challenged or blind patients. 


Communications access accommodations can be any of a wide range of things. One group of things is assistive listening devices. Some examples are pocket talker, FM and infra red audio transmission systems, and induction loops (hearing loops), or voice to text applications. Or it can be a person such as a stenographer that types voice which is displayed in text (CART), or a sign language interpreter.  It can even be as simple as a white board or pencil and paper to write on. 


Please select the one BEST answer for each question. 

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