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Karl Hallsten

This raises for me to a more current level our need to help vets and others know the distinction between ADA which covers all non federal facilities and programs versus Sec 503 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.—A program that preeceeded the ADA and on which the ADA was modeled. 

I have been seeing and hearinging that the VA has greatly expanded their capacity to provide services virtually—and that Audiology is one of those/  It would be worthwhile to see if we could get a speaker to address that.



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I'd think they would also comply with the DOJ in making services accessible to disabled people including veterans.


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NO - I did not say VA does not have to provide captioning. VA is a part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and as such they are exempt form ADA. But they are bound by provisions of Section 503 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act which covers the same things. 

Gald to hear you are picking up ASL. I'm an advocate for ASL as well as hearing loops. I also want veterans to know how to advocate for their own health care. 

You are lucky you're only 180 miles (round trip from your VA. My VA is more than twice that far away. I hope you know that you are eligible for Community Care too. 

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