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I am also a premium member and have searched the Blue Dot. The graph is what is needed when you are going to an outside audiologist to avoid retaking the test at a cost. . Now I can get images of MRI and CAT scans and colonoscopy from the Blue Dot info sharing download etc. . But not a scanned document of the hearing test which is what outside audiologist and need to make adjustments to hearing aids. 


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I understand that some members of this group have complained that audiology medical records are being excluded from our online medical records.  I can tell you that is not the case in our Los Angeles area VA facilities.  I have a premium account in MyHealtheVet, and I was able to select VA Notes in the VA Blue Button Report section.  I was able to find notes going back to the year 2013.  The following is an example that I read from my 2013 report:

"Audiological Evaluation (view Audiogram under Tools menu) Purpose of visit: re-evaluation Primary complaint: Pt. perceives decrease in hearing sensitivity History: Situation(s) of greatest difficulty: Background noise History of middle ear disease/surgery: denied Tinnitus: both ears constant Dizziness/vertigo: present occasionally when leaning head back Aural Fullness: No Otalgia: No Hearing aid use: both ears VA issued; removal wire has broken off aid. Unable to replace wire in clinic. Pt. did not want to send aids in at this time. Cleaned and checked both aids. Both aids functioning properly. Results: Otoscopy: Right ear: clear view of eardrum Left ear: clear view of eardrum Tympanometry: Right ear: normal Left ear: normal Earphones used: supra-aural earphones Test reliability: good Impressions: AD: Mild to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Word recognition for amplified speech was fair-to-poor (45-59%). 52% @ 85 dbHL AS: Mild to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Word recognition for amplified speech was good (80-100%). 80% @ 90 dbHL AU: Hearing essentially unchanged. Patient education: Communication strategies for difficult listening situations, Realistic expectations from hearing aid use Recommendations: The results of the hearing test were explained to the patient. RTC if hearing changes. Pt. is interested in new amplification. Spoke with patient about new hearing aids coming on contract in May. Pt. will contact audiologist after May 1."

Yes, my audiogram is missing.  However, its evaluation is still there.  The reason that the audiogram is not there has to do with the fact that the VA report system (including all test results) is a text based system.  It is not capable of being presented graphically.  

Maybe this is a regional issue, rather than a national issue.  Or maybe some people are looking in the wrong section of their Blue Ribbon reports.  I hope this might shed some light to this issue.


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