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Karl Hallsten

Good luck.  Keep us informed.  Advocate is what is way to rare and my sense is the VA doesn’t like it.  
Vet organic
Zations like the VFW don’t help because their members are deep on denial.

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The VA Vet Centers in the Los Angeles Area have switched their teleconnection  services to Cisco's Webex.  Webex has onscreen captioning available.  I am wondering whether or not this is a regional switch or a national switch.


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Wow! Thanks. This is very helpful especially about the lack of captioning on video appointments. I’ve never had one so wasn’t aware of that and didn’t think about it. Raises another issue with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

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LOOP. I'm not sure but I saw an illustration and it looked to be how to give veterans the " run around".

There isn't Close captions in the Video appointments. Which the DOJ requires.

There is an online portal for veterans to access their medical records called " Blue Dot " You can get about everything except an audiogram from the audiology department. Or anything from audiology for that matter.

 In Spite of having a secure message app on their website. Medical personnel seem to insist on calling when they know you are HOH. That works to their benefit and if one uses secure messaging. you can get banned and even put on a " Disruptive Behaviour Veteran" and a flag is placed in your records, So being HOH at the VA is Punished . 
 I have been banned and am still on the DBL.. Even after they admitted they were wrong to ban me from secure messaging.




On Mon, Apr 11, 2022 at 3:14 PM Ronald Drach via <> wrote:
I have a meeting Wednesday morning with staff for the Senate Committee on Aging re: VA’s shortfall on compliance with Section 508 of the Rehab Act.

Some of you have significant more experience/knowledge on these issues than I do so I am requesting your input as to some issues you are aware of and perhaps willing to talk about.

I don’t know HLAA’s thoughts but I would like to offer them an opportunity to meet with us next week so they could have a more direct interchange of info with those of you willing to talk with them.

A few issues I plan on bringing up include:

Access to audiology medical exam results (I know some of you have mentioned that and I have had that problem)

Loop - I know nothing about this except how to spell it

I know there has been some chatter on other issues but don’t recall them now.

Did we ever decide on the survey? Maybe we can discuss possible questions from them for a survey.

For this meeting I will speak only for myself and no one else.

Let me know what you think and Carla please let me know HLAA’s position on inviting them and/or working with them to perhaps doing a survey for them.

See you all next week.



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