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Ronald Drach


What speech to text apps do you have on your phone?

I have used Innocaption phone app and it works pretty good.

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, 12:09:12 PM EDT, Jim Rau <jimrau@...> wrote:

Black87........... , sorry to hear of you difficulties with VA. I certainly can't answer your questions about why audiology records are not viewable on "MyhealtheVet". VA needs to answer that. Personally I request a copy of my audiogram before I walk out of the office. Otherwise getting it later is a hassle. 

VA is not required to comply with ADA. BUT they are required to comply with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation act (the Federal version of ADA). So they are required to provide accommodations for deaf and HoH. I agree there should be more accommodations in place now. But we have a duty to REQUEST accommodations that we need. We have not done a god job of requesting. We were trained by the military to "get in line and shut up". 

Personally I take my remote mic and phone to my medical appointments. I ask the doctor to wear the mic so I can understand. They are very willing to do that. I also use my phone which has speech-to-text apps on it. It displays the voice of a person to text that I can read. 

Also, as a person who is deaf or HoH, you are entitled to use InnoCaption. It is a phone service you can get for free on your mobil phone which displays text. You can then have the VA call you at that number and be able to read the text of the caller's voice

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