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Ron, thanks for the suggestion and I’ll consider going the appeal route.

Also I just read your bio and am dazzled with what you have accomplished during your career and lifetime. We all have a great deal to thank you for in service to our country and to our vets. Keep it up!

Dick Wisott

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I am not sure about the law and regulations but I would get a VSO to file an appeal.

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I just today discovered this site and am posting here to get your input and suggestions.

The Denver VA has provided me with hearing aids for several decades and generally updated my hearing aids about every 3 years or so as new technology emerged. My hearing in both ears was damaged while firing a bazooka in basic training in 1956 (no ear protection was provided back then). It was only when I reached retirement age that I needed hearing aids and have gotten increasingly worse as I reached my late 80’s.

I currently cannot hear much in noisy situations, like in restaurants and also in the classes I take and also teach at Denver University. And my wife is constantly complaining that I miss much with my daily interactions with her and our friends and family. An audiologist at the University of Colorado Hospital that I consulted with, strongly recommends that I try the new hearing aids called "Phonak Audeo Paradise 90”, which are recommended for those with severe hearing loss (which is what I have at some levels). The website “Senior Living. org” also considers the Phonak aids the best for my hearing loss.

The Denver VA has denied me even trying the Phonak aids claiming that since my current Oticon aids are just 3 years old I need to wait for at least 2 more years. The head of VA audiology in Denver sent me a message which included these statements: “The VA strives to provide the best products and best service possible. We are not able to provide new hearing aids because new technology becomes available.”

I find that last statement to be totally outrageous and told them so. If technology has improved significantly, which would markedly benefit our veterans lives, how can they deny making them available to veterans like you and me?

I am considering going out and buying a pair of hearing aids (cost around $5,000) since I likely don’t have that many years left as I approach my nineties. But I am appalled that the VA is so rigid and uncaring.

So what do you think about this and what do you advise me to do?


Dick Wisott
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