Major Turn of Events


A couple days ago the head audiologist at the Denver VA contacted me and suggested we meet face to face (or better, mask to mask).  So yesterday afternoon I drove to the VA and met Dr. Steven Huart in his office for an hour and a half.  I found him to be a friendly, engaging guy, probably in his sixties, and we started our conversation by him wanting to know why I felt I needed new hearing aids and why, in particular, I was focused on the Phonak Paradise 90.

He was sincerely interested in listening to me and was not looking to steer me in a different direction.  After I showed my extensive study of the Phonak Paradise and why I was convinced that they offered me the best chance of being able to hear better in noise, which is my biggest present issue, he said he would approve my getting these hearing aids if I would partner with him and continue our dialogue on my experiences with them.  Of course I was delighted to agree to the commitment of time with him as long as he was benefiting from getting my feedback.  It really seemed like a win-win for both of us.  And I was particularly impressed with him wanting to learn about all my reactions, both pro and con, as I tried these new aids out in all my various social and teaching situations.

So he took molds of my ears and said it would take about two weeks to have the Phonak aids ready for me to use.  I’ll keep you apprised of how things go once we start the implementation process.  And I am most pleased to see a leader like Dr. Huart taking this approach and I am most happy to be a guinea pig in this transaction and that I stand to benefit along with many other vets who might be in a similar hearing situation.

And, Jim, thanks for your information comparing Oticon and Phonak.  Any others on this link that want to contribute to my education on Phonak Paradise 90’s are encouraged to keep the data coming.

Dick Wisott

On Aug 28, 2021, at 7:35 AM, Jim Rau <jimrau@...> wrote:

Dick, in case you are still shopping here is the comparison list I made for Oticon More and Phonak Paradise. It is still a work in progress. 
<Hearing aid comaprrison pdf.pdf>

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