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Ronald Drach

I believe I mentioned I was contacted by the developer of this new initiative and have been in an email exchange with him. He would like to speak at one of our meetings and it might be interesting. Please let me know what you think and I will get him scheduled. I have connected him with HLAA and hope he will exhibit and or sponsor the upcoming convention. Is anyone planning on going? I am tentatively going depending on COVID. I am high risk so being very careful. I had some initial questions and they are attached.


"We're underway with our campaign, "OneSound", specifically impacting the deaf and hard of hearing space. We have an exclusive event planned for Saturday, February 26th. The location is being solidified but it will be between Mozzeria or Kitchen Cray in D.C.. Then weeks later we'll follow up with a preorder campaign for all the folks in the community who would like to be the first to own a pair of Dome Headphones.

Here are all the video assets for the OneSound campaign that starts to tell the story. If you want to share, feel free.

Dome x Gallaudet Trailer:

Dome x iYellow:

Dome x Gallaudet Football:

Dome x Gallaudet Audiology:

Dome Audio- OneSound:

Dome Audio Overview:





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