Re: More information

Jim Rau

The information they provide is conspicuously devoid or any technical description. It still looks to me like it is a bone conduction system which is not at all new. We all receive a bone conduction a test at our visits to our audiologists, so we've all experienced it. 

Bone conduction is an effective system but ambient environmental noise will interfere with the audibility of the system. Therefore it will not help us to hear in a noisy place. And for most of us noisy environments are our most challenging places for hearing/understanding. If it is transmitted by bluetooth most of our hearing aide will connect to that already. If your hearing aids do not connect to bluetooth tell the VA that you want new hearing aids. Sorry for my skepticism but I simply need more information before I can become interested in the products shown on the videos. 

If this is a bone conduction via bluetooth system I'm not very interested. If it is something else - maybe. I really would like more information. 


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